In-Home Training

servicesTreat. Play. Love. offers one-on-one pet training in your home. Our qualified trainer will assess your pet in your home, and design a training plan unique to your and your pet. We understand that families are often time-poor, and will discuss a variety of training options with you to ensure that you can make time in your day to work with your pet.

In-home training is ideal for busy families, reactive dogs, behaviour problems that occur at home, and for pets that aren’t catered for in a group class such as cats, birds, and pocket pets. We work with all species!

Some of the behavioural problems we work with include basic manners, barking, destructive behaviour, aggression between family pets, separation anxiety, and other fear-related behaviours. We also help people discover their pets potential through reward-based training, getting them ready for group classes, agility or obedience, or trick training.

Behaviour and training consultations are available on a per session basis. We work with most clients for 2-4 sessions to resolve their pet problems. Given the unique needs of each client and their pet, we recommend you contact us to discuss how best to meet your training needs.

If you have an enquiry or would like to make a booking, please see the contact page. If you would like to read more about modern reward-based training, please check out our blog to view our latest posts.

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