Making a Snuffle Mat

We originally got the idea and instructions for the Snuffle Mat from All Pet’s Education and Training, you can see the instructions by following their link. In summary, you will need a rubber mat with holes in it from Bunnings and LOTS (3-4m of 150cm wide fabric) of strips of polar fleece (i made mine about 30cm x 3cm). You will also need a whole afternoon, tying all those strips takes a whole lot of time (4-5 hours here).

making a snuffle mat

Once you’ve tied your polar fleece through every hole in every direction you have a truly spectacular example of an enrichment toy! The Snuffle Mat provides soft, dense substrate for your dog to sniff and snuffle into as he looks for treats.

snuffle mat

As always here at Treat. Play. Love., Wilbur was our trusty test puppy. He spent a good 15 minutes searching for a measly 1/8c of dry food last night while we ate our dinner. Then he laid down on it for a snooze. Can’t go wrong.

Below is a short video of Wilbur using the Snuffle Mat earlier today, he loves it!