Training Agreement

Treat. Play. Love. Terms and Conditions

Thank you for choosing to train with Treat. Play. Love. Mobile Pet Training & Behaviour Consultations. We hope you will enjoy the experience of working with your pet using modern, force-free methods. Please read the following terms and conditions prior to beginning your training or consultation with Treat. Play. Love.


Treat. Play. Love. will assess your pet and make recommendations as to the most appropriate ways for you and your pet to reach your training goals.

Although we will assist you by teaching you our principles and techniques, the ultimate outcomes from the training provided will be determined by how well you adhere to and implement our methods, and we cannot therefore guarantee them.

Our classes and private training consultations are structured to help you learn ethical and effective strategies for working with your pet. Any questions about the training should be raised as soon as possible, so we can help you to overcome any challenges you face while working with your pet.


There are inherent risks involved in activities with and around pets. With proper training, handling, and environmental circumstances, such risks can be better managed.

Pets, regardless of training, handling, or environmental circumstances, remain capable of biting, scratching, and otherwise causing harm, and trainers, as well as owners and other participants and bystanders, are subject to such risks while training.

With these risks in mind, and in order to participate in Treat. Play. Love’s private training consultations and/or group training classes, and in consideration of being permitted to participate, you hereby waive any and all claims or actions that you or your representatives may have against Treat. Play. Love. and its trainers and affiliates which is in any manner connected with or arising from their training scenarios and whether or not a trainer is present or engaged, in respect of any and all personal injury or harm to yourself, your pet, and any other person, and in respect of harm to property, and whether such personal injury and harm is caused directly or indirectly, and through action or inaction of yourself or others.

You will indemnify Treat. Play. Love. and its trainers and affiliates from any and all claims by yourself, members of family, or any agent while within your home or in public, and by the general public, which may be made as a consequence of any action or inaction of either your pet or any other, and declare that you shall assume responsibility to the exclusion of Treat. Play. Love. for injury or damage so caused.

Group Classes

Treat. Play. Love. provides group dog training classes for clients seeking basic dog training in a small group setting.

Bookings are essential to secure a place in our group classes, and we are often booked out weeks/months in advance. If you book a place in a group class, and no longer wish to attend, we require at least one weeks’ notice to advertise and fill the space. Failure to provide notice will result in the full fee being charged.

Payment for group classes can be made at the first session, by cash or card, and is not refundable.

If you are unable to attend one or more classes, please advise us as soon as possible. There are no make up classes available, however you will still receive training notes via email to help you catch up on the missed lesson/s.

Group classes are not suitable for dogs that become over-excited, anxious, or vocal around other dogs and people. We provide private training consultations to help these dogs. If you enroll in a group class with your dog, and s/he is unable to learn effectively in a group setting, we will recommend that you switch to private training consultations instead.

Private Consultations

Treat. Play. Love. provides one-on-one training consultations for clients with dogs, cats, or parrots. These sessions will be held at your home, unless otherwise agreed on by both the trainer and yourself.

We recommend that the whole family attend the initial training assessment when possible. Written training notes will be provided via email following each session, to help you practice the training plan between sessions. These notes may also be helpful for family members that are unable to attend sessions due to prior commitments.

Payment for training sessions can be made by cash or card at the session.

Training Packages

We offer various packages designed to save you money and maximise your training success with your pet. At the time of booking, our trainer will advise which package is most suitable for your training goals.

Payment for training packages can be made by cash or card at the first session. This is non-refundable. Package sessions are not transferable between pets or training problems. Your training goals will be discussed at the time of booking, and at the first training session.

Continuity is essential to training success. As such, we require that our training packages are used within the following time frames:

  • Single Follow Up Session: Booked within 1 month of initial assessment
  • 3 Follow Up Session Package: Booked within 1 month of initial assessment, completed within 3 months of initial assessment
  • 5 Follow Up Session Package: Booked within 1 month of initial assessment, completed within 4 months of initial assessment

Sessions not booked within the above time frames will be forfeited. If additional sessions are required, they will be booked at the package rate on a per-session basis.

Cancellation Policy

All private training clients will receive a reminder SMS the day before their consultation. Please note the date and time of your session when you make the booking and advise us as soon as possible if you need to reschedule.

If you can no longer attend the session, we require at least 24 hours to reschedule the session. Cancellations within 24 hours of the session will forfeit the session (if a package has been purchased) or be charged the full consultation fee.

Social Media and Advertising

By training with Treat. Play. Love. you are permitting us to use photos of your pet for our publicity and promotional purposes on our blog, website, and on social media (particularly Facebook) without liability or charge. We will ask you at our first session for permission to photograph or video record your pet during training. We will not identify your surname, address, or other personal details when using photographs or video footage of your pet.