Wilbur Reviews the Kong Wobbler

The Kong Wobbler is one of our most used food toys here at Treat. Play. Love. It looks like a giant version of the classic Kong, but it is made from hard plastic instead of rubber, and it has a weighted bottom so that when the dog knocks it over it immediately pops back up. The bulk of the toy is a hollow cavity, and there is one small hole for the biscuits to fall out of. The toy unscrews for easy filling and cleaning.

kong wobbler review

What can you put in the Kong Wobbler?

The Kong Wobbler is ideal for dry biscuits and treats. I use a variety of odd shaped treats in Wilbur’s one to make it harder for the biscuits to fall out. The cavity for food is very large, so if you wanted to feed a whole meal from this toy it would be easy to do. Being hard plastic the toy is easy to clean thoroughly, so you could put semi-moist food into the toy as well – something like “chunkers” might work quite well.

How does the dog get the food out?

Due to the weighted bottom keeping the toy upright, the dog needs to push and paw at the toy repeatedly to get the treats to fall out of the single hole. Some dogs figure out how to step on the toy and keep the hole face down, so for those guys (or for anyone wanting to make the toy harder) you can try putting a tennis ball or a couple of golf balls in the toy with the food, or some scrunched up paper. Either of these options slow down the rate at which the food will drop out. This toy generally takes Wilbur under 5 minutes to empty completely.


As with all the Kong products i have tried, this is a winner for durability. You can see in the above photo that Wilbur has managed to make some scratches on the plastic with his teeth and nails, but he hasn’t been able to cause any real damage to it. I think this toy would be great for some of the bigger chewers.

In Summary

We love this toy for its capacity, ease of use (for the human), and the level of activity required to get the food out. There is always plenty of pouncing and running around after the spinning toy (talking about the dog now). Often we will use this toy for a large portion of Wilbur’s daily biscuits, while using other toys for smaller quantities of biscuits, treats, or even wet food.


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