Wilbur Reviews the Aikiou Bowl

One of our lovely friends gave us their old dogs Aikiou Interactive Dog Bowl the other day. We are very excited about this, because it was on our “wish list” but it’s a little pricey so we hadn’t got to it yet. The Aikiou Bowl is a paw-shaped, plastic bowl which has 6 compartments in the centre and 8 compartments in total on the four toes. Plastic covers need to be moved back and forth or around to access all the compartments and get the food. This can be done either by pushing the covers with a nose, or pulling them with a paw. The Aikiou Bowl has rubber pads on the bottom of the bowl to stop it sliding around too much, as it is quite light weight.

Wilbur using the Aikiou Bowl

What can you put in the Aikiou Bowl?

This toy is completely plastic, and can be taken apart to clean thoroughly in the dishwasher, which means you can put anything you want in the bowl! As far as capacity goes, it is supposed to hold several cups of dry food so it isn’t too limiting for large dogs. Wilbur enjoyed working to get his measley half cup of biscuits and a couple of teaspoons of wet food.


The parts on the Aikiou Bowl move quite easily, which means that the toy is not difficult to use. Even a dog that isn’t experienced at using their nose and paws to access food should be able to accidentally make something happen with a bit of sniffing. The toy is lightweight, so i would suggest it be used under supervision to ensure it isn’t carried off and chewed up! Wilbur did attempt the push and flip methods of emptying the toy.

In Summary

This toy is pretty cool, and makes a good option as a slow-feed bowl. I like that it can be taken apart and cleaned, so i’m not limited in what surprises i can hide in the different compartments. I think i would prefer the plastic covers be a little more snug, so that it is just a tad harder for Wilbur, but i don’t hear him complaining so that’s ok. Another good toy to add to our collection!


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