Wilbur Reviews the West Paw Tizzi

Wilbur went to the pet shop and bought himself a new toy with his pocket money today, and we just tried it out so thought we would share our thoughts. The toy is by the USA brand West Paw, and this particularly one is called the “Tizzi”. It is actually designed as a throwing/fetch toy, and is marketed as being durable as a chew toy too. It has a hollow cavity in the base of the toy, which a fellow trainer i know has used with great success for stuffing food into. This toy was pricey, but that is pretty typical of USA made toys. It is also eco-friendly, dishwasher safe, and protected by a chew-damage guarantee which means you get one free replacement if your dog wrecks it.

west coast tizzi

What can you put in the Tizzi?

Depending on the size you purchase, the cavity in this toy is not terribly large. This toy is ideal for stuffing with wet food, peanut butter, or cream cheese and freezing. That’s what we’ll be using it for! For today’s test run we stuffed it with some light cream cheese with a baked dog biscuit stuffed in there too.

How does the dog get the treats out?

The Tizzi has got, for want of a better word, legs which you can cross or uncross. Crossed legs make accessing the treats much harder, and that is how Wilbur was given this toy. To get to the treats, the dog can either lick around the crossed legs, or maneuver the toy in such a way as to uncross the legs and make the task much easier. Wilbur managed to achieve this by throwing the toy a few times so that it bounced around. Then he was able to chew and lick the treats out. It lasted about 15 minutes, but will last much longer if the treats are frozen.



I can’t be the only one who can’t look at this toy without laughing uncontrollably. It only gets worse when your dog starts passionately licking at the treats. I’m not sure what the design team was thinking, but it sure is funny.


Humour was a large part of the reason for buying this toy, but i am pretty impressed by the time it took Wilbur to fiddle around with it getting the cream cheese out. It will happily work its way into our rotation of food toys.


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