Positive doesn’t have to be permissive

On of the biggest worries people have with regards to training their pets with positive reinforcement is that they won’t be able to set house rules, and that by using force-free methods they will be letting their pets walk all over them.

pets outdoors training

This couldn’t be further from the truth, in fact i promise you that my own pets are infinitely easier to manage in the time since I put punishment-based methods back in the bottom of my training toolbox. In situations where i would once resort to “ah uh!” or “no!” I am now armed with the knowledge of how to help my pets to do something more appropriate, motivating them so that they do it again in future.

You can run a happy, pet-filled home without playing the feared law-enforcement officer.

The beauty of training with positive reinforcement is that it creates a training relationship where your pet wants to do what you ask. You have to do your part, by taking the time to teach your pet the skills to respond correctly, but the long term effects of this approach to training are worth that small effort. If you haven’t taken this time to actually teach your pet what to do then how could you possibly expect it to behave correctly?

indoor cat training

Get together with your family and figure out what your house rules are, and how they influence the ways in which your pet/s can behave. What do you need to teach them for them to succeed in your home? How can you do that in a way that promotes trust, fun, and bonding for everyone?

You don’t need to resort to harsh training methods to run a happy house. Get in touch with us to find out how you can set your pet up for success in your home and life!


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